We’ve all been there. Nerves are frayed and patience stretched to the limit. Someone says something a bit out turn, and we explode. We stop listening and start thinking of a rapid response, one that will cut deep. Convinced revenge will be worth the effort, we let loose our counterattack.

Love changes everything, and Christ’s love changes us! Being loved and loving others in Christ causes us to pause and listen before lashing out. We listen more intently and attentively. We measure our words carefully, in order to keep the situation from escalating. We reach out rather than in retaliation.  Even though turning the other cheek isn’t our first impulse, the Holy Spirit empowers us to slow down, think, and listen before we speak.

This week, let me encourage you to let love change you. Guard your impulses by God’s grace planted in your hearts, and let your light shine for Jesus! Don’t forget to invite, invite, invite someone to church, because love changes everything!