There is no one like our God! Nothing and no one compares to Him! And, only He can truly satisfy the thirsty soul! Yet in our culture, these are not self-evident truths. Why?

Think about it, King David witnessed God’s marvelous acts of power. He partook of divine blessings. He saw God fight on behalf of His people. He believed the promises of God. Ultimately, David expected and experienced the greatness, majesty, and satisfaction of knowing our God!

We often miss the glory of God because our attitude is one of none gratitude. We fight for ourselves instead of trusting God. We too often have not tasted nor seen that the Lord is good.

What about you? Have you seen with the eyes of your heart? Have you heard with the ears of your soul? Have you been satisfied at the core of your spirit? Only by placing complete trust in King Jesus will you truly experience the marvelous, majestic, great satisfaction of knowing the One true God!